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Prayer Diary for January

The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Philippians 4:5-6

St Mary’s

Let us commit this New Year to God and seek his guidance for our lives.
Pray for the residents of Walberton Place Care Home and for volunteers who visit.
Pray for those exploring the Christian faith through the Alpha course starting this month.

Our Community

This month we pray for residents of Church Lane and Walberton Park.
Pray for Village Friends and all those who visit and offer support in our community.

Our Nation

Pray for integrity, honesty and transparency in government.
Give thanks for the Queen's life of service and pray for the Royal Family.
Pray for work of The Salvation Army, Crisis, and locally Stone Pillow supporting those who are homeless. Pray for children growing up in poverty and for practical measures to break this cycle for families in need.                                                          Holocaust Memorial Day, 27th January: 75 years since the end of the holocaust, pray for initiatives which seek to foster greater understanding and toloerance between peoples.

The World

This month we pray for Asia:
Pray for an end to violence in Hong Kong and for dialogue between opposing sides.
70 years since the Constitution of India entered into force creating 'a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic republic,assuring its citizens justice, equality and liberty'. Pray for those facing discrimination and persecution based on status, caste and religion. Pray for the families in Pakistan supported by the Barnabas Fund feeding programme, for improved community relations and eduaction opportunities for theor children.

The Church

Pray for the Christians in North Korea, seen as enemies of the state for recognising a higher authority. Pray for strength and endurance for those imprisioned in labour camps for their faith.
Pray for wisdom and guidance in the appointment of new Bishops in the Diocese.