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Prayer Diary for December

She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins. Matthew 1:21

St Mary’s

As we celebrate our Christingle service, pray for The Children’s Society’s work with vulnerable children and young people.
Pray for Embrace the Middle East working with local Christian partners to bring lasting change through healthcare, education and community development projects.
Pray for all who will worship over the Advent and Christmas season that they may know and experience the love of God in the person of Jesus Christ.

Our Community

This month we pray for residents of Parson’s Walk and The Meadows, for a growing awareness of God’s presence in their lives.
Pray for those responsible for deciding on the A27 bypass route and for those living with uncertainty over this decision.

Our Nation

Pray for those elected as MPs on 12 December that they will serve the best interests of their constituents in the short and long term. Pray for wisdom and guidance for the new Prime Minister in the challenges ahead.
Pray for those who will be working over Christmas in hospitals, the emergency services and vital support roles. Pray for families separated for whatever reason.
Pray for communities affected by flooding, seeking to repair homes and businesses.

The World

Pray for the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Spain this month, that verbal commitments and agreement may lead to concrete action by governments.
This month we pray for Australasia:
Pray for those affected by wildfires across New South Wales, for those who have been left homeless. Pray for the safety of paid and volunteer firefighters as they tackle the blaze.

The Church

Pray that the church may be a voice and a force for unity between people and communities, reflecting the words of Jesus Love your neighbour as yourself.
Pray for Christians who face discrimination and harassment, the possibility of violence and even death because of their faith in Christ. Pray for strength and God’s peace.
Pray for churches ministering to those in need in areas of conflict remembering particularly Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and Afghanistan.
In all the busyness of the season may we take time to Be still and know that I am God, (Psalm 46:10).