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Home Communion



The service of Holy Communion is at the heart of Christian worship.  It is a remembrance of the institution of the Lord’s supper by the Lord Jesus Christ on the night of His betrayal, when he commanded his disciples to 'Do this in remembrance of me'.   Indeed, one of its alternative name is the Lord’s supper.  Another name is ‘The Eucharist’ or ‘Thanksgiving’  for here particularly do we express our thanks for all that God has done for us as our Creator, Saviour and Guide, and most especially in and through Jesus Christ.

The Book of Common Prayer requires communicant members to attend at least three times a year, one of these attendances being at Easter.  

Communion can be received by all who have been baptised and are either confirmed or have been received into communion in the Church of England. It is also open to all those of any other denomination who are baptized and communicant members of their own church.

How to arrange a Home Communion

For those who are unable to attend church through illness or frailty we offer a visit with Home Communion once a month by the vicar or those authorised by the bishop to administer communion. The bread and wine are brought from the Sunday communion in church and so are already consecrated as the ‘effectual sign’ to us of the Lord’s body and blood. The service lasts 15 minutes and includes the gospel reading for the week and an opportunity to request prayer for any needs.

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