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Walberton and Binsted CE Primary School

WCOFEPRSCH 1Walberton and Binsted Church of England primary school maintains very strong links with our church. Our vicar Tim regularly takes assemblies in school and often involves the children in the running of our services such as on Education Sunday or our Christingle service. This can involve singing, writing prayers or actively leading the theme of the service. The children are also invited to sing in our Christmas carol service. By organising visits to the church, Tim ensures that the children feel comfortable and relaxed in the church environment, indeed, they are often quite keen to encourage their parents along if they are not regular churchgoers.

Our diocese appoints two foundation governors who, with Tim, are charged with ensuring that the Christian ethos of the school is maintained and encouraged. They monitor assemblies and can organise Christian speakers from a variety of backgrounds to lead the worship and encourage the children to expand their knowledge of faith in action across a wide spectrum. They are also very involved in the selection process if a new Head teacher has to be appointed. One of the great joys is to see the shows which the children perform at Easter, harvest, and Christmas. So much effort, organisation and concentration is put in by all the children and staff, to produce joyful, thoughtful and uplifting occasions.

The strap line of the school is ‘The joy, the journey, the learning’. The church’s motto is ‘Loving God, Loving Community’. Both are apt and visible in both the school and the church.

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